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How to Start a Band

You've got songs you want to write, you know the kind of sound you want, but how do you make it all happen? Forming a band is a great way to get your music out into the world. The team effort and creativity can enhance your sound and help you create something unique! So how do you put together a band? Amp coach, Chris Chimene, has some advice!

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Find Members

Chris has several solutions for finding band members. Go to local shows and open mics and learn about the musicians in your area. Have conversations with the people you meet, and ask if they know anyone who is looking to join a band. Use social media to do the same thing, you might not know someone looking for a band, but you might have a friend who does. Don't be afraid to ask!


Once you have the band together, start finding times that work for all of you to practice. Find a place to rehearse that works well for everyone, and make a plan for your rehearsals so that everyone knows what to practice. If you're ready for rehearsals, that will encourage your bandmates to be ready, too. Make sure everyone knows what they need to play so that they can practice on their own time.


You want your band to know exactly when you're practicing or performing. Be consistent, and let them know things as soon as you do. This will help them trust you more as you prove your reliability and it will help the band feel more professional!

Do you have other tips for putting a band together? Let us know in the comments!

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