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Writing Music for TV

Alissa Moreno is no stranger to the music licensing industry. She's had songs placed everywhere from Laguna Beach to The Hills, and she has collaborated with songwriters and producers all over the scene. So when she offered her top two tips for writing music for TV, we listened.

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Pay Attention

Follow shows, listen to the music on commercials, figure out the tone that you hear. Find that tone in other places. Pick a show and latch on to it, listen to the kind of music that makes it.

Delve Deeper

Use resources like IMDB and Wikipedia to see who is writing and producing the shows that you like, and take notes on what they've done.


Alissa's advice is short and effective, what we like best! Are there shows or commercials that you've seen themes in that you've tried to replicate? Is there something else you'd add to this list? Tell us about it and be sure to subscribe for Amp updates and posts!

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